The production of fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry. This series is an eccentric montage of documentary, narrative and video art projects that confront us with a complex vision about the fashion industry as well as its economic and environmental impact. In other words, the series introduces questions about representation, the physical body, gender, south vs. north, consumption, agriculture, trade, international law, as well as alternative means of production and sustainable social justice. 


Behind the Label the Double Face of Indian Cotton 53"
By Cecilia Mastrantonio and Sebastiano Tecchio

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel (1:26’)
By Lisa Immordino Vreeland, Bent-Jorgen Perlmut

Aso Oke (15’)
By Tunde Owolabi

Lana (3’30”), Short for Elsa (2:30), Disappearing Act (1’30”) 
By Amy Podmore

Vestiphobia (2’17”), Sweatshop Boogie (3’36”), Days of a Dandy (3’40”), Silks & Satins (4’43”)
Ideal Glass

Seamstress (3’16”), Conversation with Zuzka (10’00”) 
By Zuzka Kurtz

The Twelve Disciples of Nelson Mandela (73’) 
By Thomas Allen Harris

Bug Bunny Duck Amuck (6’24”)
Warner Brothers Cartoon (1953)